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From the first day we opened for business, Market Street has focused on staffing IT positions alone. We’re heavily invested in the IT vertical—and that’s what our clients love about us. We get IT. We understand what it takes for companies across a wide range of industries to find and retain highly skilled candidates—whether you are looking for technology or interactive marketing specialists. When you need the very best, highly skilled candidates, we are here as a trusted, specialized recruiting firm. We listen, we respond, we adapt, and we love what we do.

What Makes Us


So, how are we are different? We come to you with a truly consultative approach. We seek to understand the specifics of your position and the company. We are going to listen and apply that information to the search. Creating a customized strategy for your needs and hiring are at our core. Our approach reduces the time of hiring by eliminating your challenges.


Employers, candidates and staffing agencies are truly dependent upon one another — And collectively we create a vibrant staffing lifecycle. Employers maximize their talent pool by working with talent firms such as Market Street Talent. Candidates align themselves with the right employer when partnering with talent firms. Talent firms empower the staffing circle by bringing talented professionals and exceptional clients together.

Linda Swink, Consultant

Market Street Talent was an excellent contract employer from placement through my entire contract.  They were always responsive to my inquiries and helpful in every way.  I would certainly work with them again.

Mark from Hospitality Industry

“Market Street Talent (MST) is a talented team of business professionals. MST took the time to understand our IT staffing needs, produced high quality candidates, and were excellent communicators throughout the process. I value having Market Street Talent in my go-to network of business partners. All that, and they are fun to work with!”

Girija Darapu, Consultant

“Thanks a ton for the amazing support, I always feel glad about choosing Market Street.”

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