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Programmer vs. Project Manager: What Should You Share in the Hiring Process

Resume. Email. Phone Screen. Interview. Follow Up. The hiring process has several components and there are different focus areas for every position; however, one discussion comes up commonly on the difference between the things that programmers should share in the ...
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Building a Resume that Gets You the IT Job

Your resume is your work history. It is a summary of your technology skills and an outline of your technology career milestones. Every day hiring managers, technology recruiters and potential employers are going through a plethora of technology resumes in ...
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Diversity in Your Workforce

Yes, it’s true! Diverse roads sometimes lead to the same destination. Ignoring the importance of diversity in the workforce is a mistake that every organization, regardless of their size, has to avoid if they want to be healthy and prosperous ...
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Staying Current with Technology

Speed up! Technology is advancing rapidly and you must catch up! No matter if you already have a job or you just came out of school, no matter if you have been in the industry for a long time or ...
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Does Your IT Career Have a Social Media Presence?

You are what you share. This is even more true when it comes to your technology career. As you are trying to get exposed to new opportunities and boost your technology career, you need to use all the means possible ...
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The “Other” Interview

We all know the agony that is the common job interview, we are thrown into new and often strange environments where strange people come together and bloviate, criticize, or judge your accomplishments without understanding all the facts or really getting ...
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