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The MST Reader: The Belt and the Road

The MST Reader is a series of overviews of interesting and timely topics that affect our world. The Trans-Continental Railroad; the Panama Canal; the Suez Canal. There was a time when great infrastructure projects were elevated into legends about people ...
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Polishing up Your LinkedIn Profile

Sure, you’ve been over your LinkedIn profile with a fine-toothed comb, and frankly, you nailed it. But how long ago was that? Hmm, maybe it’s time to look at it with fresh eyes. Even if you’re not actively looking for ...
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Resumes for Robots

Despite a job market with an abundance of openings, it can still sometimes be hard for qualified people to get an interview – even with a well-prepared resume. When that happens, it might be because you’ve been de-prioritized by an ...
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Enhancing the Candidate Experience: The Dos & Don’ts of Recruiting

The Dos & Don’ts of Recruiting Don’t: Wait! In today’s highly competitive labor market, communication is so key! Things are moving quickly, and candidates are needing timely communication to remain interested and engaged in an opportunity. To accomplish this, companies ...
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5 Ways to Improve Productivity

Do you find yourself getting distracted easily? Do you find yourself not completing tasks as timely and efficiently as you'd like? If so, read below for our 5 tips on how to improve productivity! 1. Prioritize Tasks: A great way ...
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5 Signs You’re Working Too Much

Do you feel constantly drained by your work? Do you find yourself living to work, rather than working to live? Are you not sure if you have a healthy work/life balance? The start of the new year is the perfect ...
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