#Better Together

we’re building a community every day

Our Mantra . . . #bettertogether

Recently our team had an epiphany. The notion was this… We all benefit when working together, whether it is with internal or outside stakeholders. Thus, the mantra “better together” came to life for all of us at Market Street Talent.

When you peel back the layers and examine the core of professional staffing, supply and demand of quality professionals is really a matter of simple microeconomics…

  • Commercial enterprises strive to have the best talent possible;
  • IT professionals want careers leveraging their experience and mirroring their professional and personal needs;
  • and Market Street Talent is driven to identify the optimum “fit” between clients and candidates, aiming to exceed a client’s expectations.

The truth is each of us are dependent upon one another and collectively we create a vibrant staffing lifecycle. Employers can maximize their talent pool by working with talent firms such as Market Street Talent. Candidates can focus on their day-to-day activities, while their staffing partner identifies the next career opportunity. And Market Street Talent is dependent upon a community of talented professionals and exceptional clients.

This realization that we depend upon one another, is the foundation of our core belief that we are a community. Yes, a staffing community… All with distinct roles but working together to create something bigger and more powerful.

If you share a similar belief, we invite you to be part of our community. If you are seeking a partner that believes in values, not volume; in diligence, not mass production; in a David-perspective, not a Goliath-demeanor, then this is your community.

We are #bettertogether.

Market Street Talent Gives Back

All of us at Market Street Talent share a commitment to the betterment of our community: broadly, the IT industry from Boston, MA to Portland, ME and beyond; more specifically, our hometown of Portsmouth, NH.

Market Street Talent Gives Back is our official initiative to dedicate resources to charitable groups who are doing good for those around us. Here’s a little bit of info about two of the local organizations we’re supporting for year 2021.

Gather (Portsmouth, NH)

Food insecurity is one of the biggest problems facing today’s world, and the US is no exception. Founded in 1816, Gather is an agency committed to ending hunger in our community. Gather serves families experiencing hunger by providing nutritious food, and offering nutrition education and recipes for healthy living.

90 cents per dollar donated to Gather goes directly toward local hunger relief on the seacoast, including Portsmouth, Rye, Seabrook, Stratham, Hampton Falls, Hampton, Greenland, New Castle, Newington, North Hampton, and Kittery, Maine. Each year around the holidays, our team runs a food drive and collects items for donation to the Pantry Market. We also have team members who volunteer during the summer at the Meals 4 Kids program, which works alongside End 68 Hours of Hunger to bridge the gap normally filled by school lunch programs for children struggling with food insecurity.


MST at Gather


The Clipper Foundation (Portsmouth NH)

The Clipper Foundation provides stable, sustainable funding that ensures ongoing excellence and enriches the educational programming in our community. Their goal is to champion educators, empowering them to create the kind of programming that they normally may not be able to do within their given budget. The Clipper Foundation strives to expand successful programs to other classes across the district, thereby creating and rewarding a culture of shared educational enrichment and innovation.

In addition to the volunteer efforts we participate in as a group, we encourage individual team members to use charitable PTO for volunteer causes that are important to them. We’re fortunate to have a team of people who are passionate about giving back to their community, and hope we can inspire you to find a way to get involved in yours too. Every little bit helps!


How do YOU get involved in your community, whether through volunteering, donations or other avenues?

Let us know on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter!